Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December News

Thank you so much for meeting with me on our interview night to review your child’s Progress Report. It is very helpful to me to have conferences with parents to hear about your child’s learning from your perspective. Asking your child about his/her day at school is a great way to engage your child in reviewing his/her learning experiences. This month we will be completing our second non-fiction report. We completed our first topic for non-fiction together – SHARKS. Now the students are working on their own choice of animal report. Once completed, these reports will be on display on our writing bulletin board.
This past week, we also met our ‘baby teacher’, Anthony. Anthony and his mom visited our class on Tuesday, and will be coming monthly to update us on Anthony’s growth and development during his first year as well as teach us about a variety of topics ranging from ‘communication’ to ‘safety’ to ‘cultural identity’.
We are currently studying Traditions and Celebrations in Social Studies so students will be asking you about your family’s heritage and celebrations over the next few weeks.
Students have been working on the computers composing their “About the Author” page to add to their published books. This will lead us into our next unit about Biographies. Because we want to begin with something familiar, students will be conducting interviews during the month of December to help them gather information in order to write biographies.
We have recently added some new strategies to our CAFÉ Menu. Students will also be choosing an area (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, or Expand Vocabulary) to focus on this month and setting reading goals. I will post a photo of our menu on our classroom blog.

Dates to Note
December 1
Cherrywood Acres Night @ Ice Dogs Hockey Game
Family skate @ 5:00
Game Time @ 7:00

December 2
Pizza day

December 16
Pizza day

December 22
Christmas Concert @ 7:00
More details will follow!

December 23
Last day of school until Jan. 9, 2012

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