Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Axton!  Axton won the Great Canadian Mail Race!
Several weeks ago we received a letter from a Grade Two teacher in B.C. asking us to join the Great Canadian Mail Race.  She asked us to write a letter to a student somewhere in Canada and to ask that student's teacher to join the race, too.

The students were assigned a province or territory, located a city on the map of the province, and then used the internet to find a school in the chosen city.  We wrote a letter to a Grade 2 student.  All our letters were posted through Canada Post on the same day.  We have been anxiously awaiting for a response letter for weeks.  The first student in our class to receive a letter is the 'winner' of the Great Canadian Mail Race in our class.

This project was a wonderful follow up to our field trip around Niagara Falls.  One of the criteria for the letter was to include information about our local community.  The students wrote about the various attractions and features of our own city, Niagara Falls. 

We have been contacted twice to join the race. A school in Markham, Ontario wrote to us two weeks ago.  Every student wrote a letter to Sufyaan!  What a surprise for him to receive 20 letters from Cherrywood's Grade 1/2 class.

Yesterday we received two pieces of mail.  Axton received a letter from a Grade 2 student from New Brunswick!  He won the Great Canadian Mail Race.  We hope to receive more letters before the end of the year.  Any letters arriving after the end of school will be passed along to returning students in September.

What was our second piece of mail?

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